WATCH: Parents throw punches outside school after alleged racism incident

WATCH: Parents throw punches outside school after alleged racism incident

Disclaimer: This article contains video footage of a violent nature and is not suitable for sensitive viewers.

Witbank Technical School parents fight

Parents of Witbank Technical High School gathered outside of the school today in protest of "double standards in discipline" and racism within the school.

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This comes after a group of students had been involved in an extremely physical altercation just last week that even prompted the provincial education department to pay the Mpumalanga school a visit.

The footage of the fight soon made its way to the internet and claims of racism were made, with students saying they have been subjected to - and on the receiving end - of much abuse.

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Controversial Afrikaans musician, Steve Hofmeyr's son, Devon Hofmeyr also posted a questionable response to the fight on Twitter saying that "You will demand absolutely nothing from the same people who taught your ancestors how to read and write":

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Although Devon's intentions are not clear, Chukudu Manyabeane (Mpumalanga Director for Public Examinations) stated that the fight was not racially motivated, which many of the parents are not willing to accept:

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Naturally, the parents have decided that enough is enough and they took matters into their own hands.

Believing that their children's claims are justified they had gathered outside the school this morning to address the situation and show that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

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Tensions heightened and eventually, it was too much, and boiled over and the group exploded.

Parents started fighting each other, laying hands on each other and getting very physical as the chaos erupted.

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Newzroom Afrika was present at the scene and also spoke to a few of the students who also made allegations of racism against the school while even giving examples of other incidents where the pupils have been discriminated against.

No one is sure who started the fighting amongst the parents but the situation has since calmed down and the situation has been de-escalated..

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