WATCH: Four armed suspects rob Vodacom store

WATCH: Four armed suspects rob Vodacom store

Another day, another mall store robbery...

Vodacom store robbery in Western Cape

It's a sad reality that most South Africans have found themselves being victims of crime whether it's in their own homes, on the street or at work.

These days, malls seem to be a favourite target amongst criminals.

Most recently a Vodacom store and its unsuspecting employees were targeted by four individuals.

According to News24, the incident took place at 17h55 just before closing time at the Vodacom store in the Weskus Mall, Vredenburg.

The CCTV footage that was captured shows one of the suspects tugging at his gloves before they move towards the shop assistant. Another suspect then arrives with a trolley and they all move behind the desk.

Captain Tania Helfrich, the local police spokesperson, said that the Vodacom store staff were led to the storeroom located at the back of the store and they had remained there.

The staff had pressed the panic button and police were notified. The suspects were seen fleeing the scene in an Audi A4.

The Weskus Mall had also released a statement:

Luckily, no one was harmed during this incident and hopefully, they'll be able to put these criminals behind bars.

There have been quite a few other scary mall moments this year that have been captured on CCTV.

Most notably the fatal shootout in Secunda Mall, Mpumalanga just a few weeks ago where a store employee was able to react quickly as he took matters into his own hands

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Main image courtesy of News24/YouTube

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