WATCH: Driver fights off hijackers with petrol pump

WATCH: Driver fights off hijackers with petrol pump

Criminals beware and take note: this is not a person you want to mess with!

Petrol pump fight

Many South Africans have over the years come to the sad realisation that crime is almost a daily, consistent part of our lives.

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Now although this is not supposed to be the norm, this is what we have become accustomed to. So much so that we have come up with non-conventional ways of staying safe.

Every person also has the very basic human instinct, the fight or flight reaction, so sometimes you might be very keen on putting up a fight or you could be the complete opposite and want to run for the hills.

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Either way, if you end up in a situation where you are attacked, you will have to make a plan. One way or another.

And that is exactly what one driver did when confronted with an entire van of hijackers!

The date, time and location of the incident are not known but what we do know is this anonymous person is a modern-day hero.

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In the video below, security camera footage captured the moment an individual was filling up their car at the petrol station when a van pulled up. 

Within seconds of the van stopping next to the car, a group jumped out and attempted to steal the car. The car owner was quick on their feet and decided to use the only thing they had on hand to fight off the criminals.

The entire group got what was coming to them and were dowsed in petrol!

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While we're happy to see that the driver, and their car, escaped the situation safely we can't help but think of the petrol bill this poor person was left with!

You've seen the petrol prices, you know what we're talking about.

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Main image courtesy of @MichuEmenalo/Twitter

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