WATCH: Want to swim in a 'floating' see-through pool, 35m above ground?

WATCH: Want to swim in a 'floating' see-through pool, 35m above ground?

'Fear Factor' meets summer vacation!

London Sky Pool
ABC News/Twitter

Every year there is a crazy, exciting, and new architectural structure being constructed somewhere in the world.

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There are many cities that are known for their extravagant skyscrapers or one-of-a-kind designs.

London, England has a few unique buildings like their own city hall:

London City Hall

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There are quite a few that we could mention, but we want to bring a very special swimming pool to your attention.

Located 35 metres above the ground, floating in midair between two skyscrapers, is the Sky Pool.

Renting an apartment at Embassy Gardens apartments most likely includes many perks, with the most noteworthy one being the swimming pool.

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The pool is 25 metres long and is completely see-through, with half of the pool suspended above the ground.

It is officially the world's largest floating acrylic pool and you can swim from one side to the other while staring down to the streets which are 10 storeys below the pool.

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The BBC recently sent out a Tweet that included a video of residents enjoying a casual swim on one hot summer afternoon:

From someone in the pool's point of view:

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While there is clearly more than one daredevil looking for an out of this world (or maybe more above this world) swimming experience, Twitter has reached a consensus.

And it's a strong "no" from them!

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to the Sky Pool we've seen so far:

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Obviously, the pool is safe and wouldn't be that easy to break, but if you would like to know exactly how this magnificently scary pool was built, YouTube channel Futurology can tell you more:

When summer comes rolling around you can expect to find us firmly planted on the ground... more specifically on the lovely sands of our favourite KZN beaches!

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Main image courtesy of ABC News/Twitter

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