#BestOfMay: WATCH: Ocean balcony collapses leaving several people injured

#BestOfMay: WATCH: Ocean balcony collapses leaving several people injured

The partygoers were lucky to escape with their lives as a house party turned into a real life horror.

Seaside balcony collapse

House parties are well known for their destructive tendencies.

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There have been many a movie showcasing the catastrophic and damaging capabilities of a house party.

But these parties are usually exaggerated and end up looking a lot worse than they tend to be in real life.

Every now and then, however, there is one that will make the headlines.

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Just last month, in Malibu, California, a party almost came to a fateful end when a balcony holding 15 people came crashing down.

A video that was recorded on a security camera on the property next door captured the moment when its neighbouring balcony completely collapsed!

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In the video, you can see a large group of people mingling outside and having a good time. Suddenly, the floor gives away and the people drop down. As it breaks away from the house it falls quite a far bit down to the dangerous terrain below.

Luckily, while many were injured during this accident, only two are having to receive treatment for critical injuries in the hospital.

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Those who have had a look at the video say that these people should be very thankful that things did not turn out worse because someone could have lost their life.

You can watch the video below:

Eyewitnesses spoke to CBSLA about what exactly happened in those moments:

Photos from the scene show tables and deck chairs amongst the jagged rocks below, while planks and plaster are dangling from above.

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Guests were rescued from the balcony wreckage by the fire department and afterward, they inspected the building before declaring the house inhabitable.

In the collapse, many of the victims suffered 'orthopedic issues' and at least one hit their head and multiple guests are ready to sue the owner of the Airbnb. 

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Although many are questioning why there were so many people on the balcony in the first place!

The owner of the house also mentioned that the group of people had rented the house for the weekend and they had only expected six people. The neighbours called the owner informing them of a house party with about 30 people taking place. The owner tried to contact the renters but they would not answer. 

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Fifteen minutes later the balcony collapsed.

People are also saying that, although they shouldn't have had a party and broken those rules, the structural integrity of these seaside houses needs to be checked on regularly and only locals would be aware of these types of concerns. 

Non-locals won't know that overloading a balcony could lead to this.

Hopefully, everyone will be able to heal fully from their injuries and accidents like this won't happen again in the future.

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