Puppy stolen after girls offer NikNaks to pay for treatment

Puppy stolen after girls offer NikNaks to pay for treatment

They didn't have a lot but they were willing to give what they had...

Nik Nak dog

Dogs are a man's, woman's or child's best friend and they should always be treated as such.

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The Animal Welfare Society of SA (AWS), which is located in Cape Town, works hard to ensure that all furry friends get the love, care, and attention they deserve.

Hundreds of animals pass through their doors every week but every so often one story stands out from the rest.

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Two little girls from a farm in Philippi, Cape Town recently showed up at the AWS with their little puppy.

They had assumed that the puppy might be sick because it wasn't eating, so they decided to take it to the vet who could possibly help her, but they had no money.

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Instead, all they could offer the vet was a packet of NikNaks, which would have most likely been their lunch for the day.

They chose to give it up in order for their furry friend to receive the treatment it needed.

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The AWS staff realised that the 12-week-old puppy might be infected with worms and that is why it had stopped eating. While the nursing assistant was busy treating the dog,  Allan Perrins, the AWS spokesperson, checked the organisation's PayFast account to see if they possibly had the funds to cover the cost of the treatment. 

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The girls were happy to find out they didn't need to pay but were also very happy to know their little friend would be okay.

But the story's happy ending soon turned into a tragic one when the AWS started checking up on the puppy.

Stolen sick puppy

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The AWS had suspected something was wrong when the girls did not return for a follow-up consultation and their suspicions were confirmed when they investigated further.

They visited the family and they were told that they suspect that the puppy was stolen and the girls had been searching the area for hours with no luck.

They are absolutely devastated.

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But the AWS and the family were not ready to give up. 

They got together a small group of willing volunteers and they started their search by going door-to-door throughout the neighbourhood.

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They had not found the dog but they did end up finding her sister, Fluffy, in a patch of weeds, cowering and all alone.

In a recent Facebook post, the AWS said that they had confronted a few suspicious characters and are also still feeling hopeful:

Hopefully, the poor puppy will make a safe return to its family.

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