#DuduzaneZuma: Good will or electioneering?

#DuduzaneZuma: Good will or electioneering?

Like his father, Duduzane Zuma is a public figure that always gets people talking. 

Duduzane Zuma

This time around, Duduzane is trending for what seems like a good deed, but like always, there are a few who are raising eyebrows with respect to his intentions. 

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A video of Zuma and his team giving food parcels to those in need has hit the web. It seems that most of the sentiments online were positive, but some did feel that his actions were exploitative. 

It is always a fine line when someone of influence documents their deeds of giving back. There is always two trains of thought, one being that it is great as normally it raises more awareness and encourages other people to give back, while the other is that it seems a bit insincere. 

It is no secret that Duduzane has hinted at his political aspirations for the future, in hopes to 'help contribute to a better South Africa'. 

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Watch the video and see the social media reactions below: 

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