WATCH: Video of officers harassing vendor launches JMPD investigation

WATCH: Video of officers harassing vendor launches JMPD investigation

Social media was in an uproar this week when a community member captured footage of a woman trader being harassed by two Johannesburg Metro Police officers and shared the video online.

JMPD Trader arrest and investigation
Tony Oliveira De Sousa/JMPD Facebook

By now we all know the power the internet holds and how quickly something can go viral.

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Especially something bad.

Whether it is a YouTuber saying the wrong thing or a personality making a mistake on-air.

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One of the many advantages of going viral is when the wrongful actions or injustices of the world are captured and called out.

This week, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) came under fire when a video showing them allegedly harassing a street vendor was posted on Facebook.

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Tony Oliveira De Sousa was in the area when he noticed what seemed to be two JMPD officers harassing and manhandling a woman.

He started recording the altercation and began approaching the scene before questioning the officers.

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As it turns out, the officers had confiscated the lady's dog beds which she had been selling in an attempt to try and make a living.

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According to Tony, the police officers were also acting very suspiciously.

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You can watch all the videos from the incident below:

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Tony and other community members tried their best to have Lebo's things returned, but to no avail.

The police had informed Lebo that she would have to pay R3,700 in order to get her products back.

JMPD Trader arrest and investigation
Tony Oliveira De Sousa/JMPD Facebook

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The Johannesburg Metro Police have released an official media statement addressing the matter.

They claim that the video has been brought to their attention, as well as the fact that the officers had allegedly tried to encourage the vendor to bribe them in order to have her goods returned. They have now launched an internal investigation.

You can read the full statement below:

JMPD official media statement

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Luckily, by partnering with an NGO, Lebo received the money that she needed.

Thanks to a community that recognised the injustice taking place and was willing to take a stand against it, Lebo's items have been returned and are safely in her possession.

Hopefully, the JMPD will ensure that this never happens again.

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Main image courtesy of Tony Oliveira De Sousa/JMPD Facebook

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