WATCH: David Hasselhoff tries to speak Zulu in new Chicken Licken ad

WATCH: David Hasselhoff tries to speak Zulu in new Chicken Licken ad

The Hoff is becoming so desperate he has even turned to Khumbul'ekhaya!

David Hasselhoff speaks Zulu Chicken Licken ad

Good chicken and a good laugh should always go hand in hand.

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Chicken Licken has perfected this killer combination with their new advertisements.

In May, they launched their #NewRiderNewSlider campaign.

They had us all feeling the nostalgia as they took us on a trip down memory lane by taking a classic 80's television show and putting a South African spin on it.

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The advertisement drew inspiration from 'Knight Rider' and featured the famous talking car and star of the show, KITT, but he has parted ways with David Hasselhoff and has a new rider.

You can read more about the first ad here.

Now Chicken Licken has released two new ads that take the story even further and they are just as hilarious... in fact, they might be even funnier.

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In the new ad, David Hasselhoff is trying to get in contact with KITT, but alas he only reaches his voicemail.

So he decides to speak to KITT using some language he might now be familiar with, Zulu.

Although he's just trying his best, something is getting lost in translation:

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Is KITT's new rider, Michael Nyathi, aware of the fact that his previous owner is looking to reconnect?

Well, it seems like David has turned to his last hope, 'Khumbul'ekhaya', the television show that specialises in reuniting families and reconciling estranged relationships.

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Seems like just the help he needs:

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Clearly, the Hoff is longing to reunite with his BFF after all these years.

Even though Michael 2 isn't too keen on Michael 1.

Will Michael 1 and KITT ever find each other again? Will Michael 2 do everything in his power to keep them apart?

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We have so many questions and we have never been this invested in an advertisement!

We'll be waiting patiently and with great anticipation to see what happens next.

Chicken Licken is obviously doing something right.

ICYMI: Stacey and J Sbu had a lot of feelings after watching the first #NewSliderNewRider Chicken Licken ad.

You know this team loves themselves a good piece of chicken!

Hear what they had to say right here:

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