SEE: Influencer reveals scarred face after TikTok beauty hack goes wrong

SEE: Influencer reveals scarred face after TikTok beauty hack goes wrong

Not all beauty hacks are created equally.

Tilly Whitfeld scarred face TikTok beauty

TikTok has proven to be an incredible source of information.

With many specialists in their respective fields providing valuable info on the platform it has made education much more accessible.

Sure it won't replace actual schools but people are sharing more than ever before and you can learn quite a lot of valuable things on TikTok.

From strip cleaning your bedsheets to interesting cooking tips and tricks, the app is a treasure trove for all kinds of hacks.

But some helpful hacks could end in disaster if there aren't professional hands to help you out.

And Tilly Whitfeld, an Australian influencer and 'Big Brother' star, is one example of these "simple" hacks gone wrong.

Having appeared in the most recent season of the 'Big Brother' series, lots of viewers were curious as to why Tilly was always wearing a blue facemask.

She then revealed that she had been very unwell and her face had been 'unrecognisable' for some time as a result of a DIY beauty procedure she had tried at home.

The procedure in question was for fake freckles (which have become a major trend) but Tilly ended up going to the hospital and even had to be admitted because of it.

She had seen a TikTok DIY video that said that you could create fake freckles using ink and a needle and that the freckles would fade within six months.

Unfortunately, the video did not specify the type of ink so she bought brown tattoo ink.

Tilly then started losing her vision and the areas where she had created the "freckles" became infected so medical attention was needed. Her medical bills and doctors fees reached a massive total of R158,000!

She was now left with major facial scarring and decided to share her experience on Instagram to warn others against the dangers of DIY/at-home procedures.

Many thought she just had a rash but Tilly specified and explained exactly what she had done and how she had damaged her face and skin.

In her Instagram caption she wrote:

You can read the full caption here and see the results of DIY face freckles for yourself:

Since her first initial post addressing the issues she's had after attempting this "hack", Tilly has given an update on her condition:

Tilly Whitfeld scarred face TikTok beauty hack
Tilly Whitfeld Official Instagram

We couldn't have said it better: don't believe everything you see on the internet.

And if you want to have any beauty or medical procedures done, it might be better, in the long run, to just pay the professionals, who have been doing it a lot longer than you, than making an attempt yourself.

You might end up paying for it in more ways than one.

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Main image courtesy of @TillyWhitfeld/Instagram

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