Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have officially called it quits!

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have officially called it quits!

Have Tristan's unfaithful ways finally dealt the final blow to the relationship?

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson breakup again

The most famous and loved reality television series is coming to an end.

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For 20 seasons, the Kardashians have been keeping audiences entertained with their antics, relationship drama, sibling rivalry, and so much more.

Now to mark the end of an era, the family have done something they have never done before and filmed a reunion à la 'Real Housewives'.

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The two-parter was even juicer than fans thought!

Of course, all the sisters, Kris Jenner, and even Scott had to address their relationships and answer some tough questions.

And that meant Khloe had to open up about the current status of her relationship with her baby daddy, NBA player Tristan Thompson.

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However, it seems like after being on and off since 2016 when they first began seeing each other, Khloe has officially called time on the relationship and is no longer looking to reconcile.

Multiple sources close to the former couple have come forward and revealed that they are no longer together.

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And it's not a fresh break-up either. Allegedly the couple had broken up weeks ago quite amicably and have been successfully co-parenting their three-year-old daughter, True.

Fans have their suspicions though given Tristan's bad reputation when it comes to Khloe.

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No one will ever forget the major Jordyn Woods, Kylie's bestie, and Tristan scandal.

In fact, most people were shocked to find out Tristan and Khloe had rekindled their relationship in October 2020 after he had cheated on her during the pregnancy and then ended up kissing one of her closest friends.

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But they seemed in love and like they were once again the ultimate happy couple.

That was until another woman, an Instagram model called Sydney Chase, came forward in April this year and claimed she had hooked up with Tristan.

As it turns out, this also took place while he had been together with Khloe.

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The then couple never addressed the allegations and it all seemed like a rumour. 

Now with the news of their break-up coming out, according to the timeline provided by the source, the break-up did take place after Sydney made her claims.

How much more could there be?!

Apparently much more.

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The now single Tristan was spotted at a party with Drake, Diddy, and Chris Brown and was having a blast. He stayed until the early hours of the morning, was drinking excessively, and was being quite handsy with the girls at the party.

At one point, he was seen entering a room with three girls and emerged 30 minutes later.

Maybe it's not the worst thing that Khloe is trying to move on.

This does seem like it could be the finale to this rollercoaster relationship saga.

If you are on the edge and not fully sure if you need to watch the full reunion, here's a quick recap where Khloe answers more burning Tristan questions:

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