Navigating the grieving process with author of ' The Grief Handbook' Bridget McNulty

Navigating the grieving process with author of ' The Grief Handbook' Bridget McNulty

There are some things in life that are in inevitable and, sadly, death is one of them. Even though this is so, this does not make the eventuality any easier to deal with. 


Local author, Bridget McNulty, has penned a book that does not claim to have the answers to the grieving process but rather serves as a guide to the many different ways in which one can grieve and help their loved ones through the process. 

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J Sbu has openly shared the loss of his angel baby, Smanga, which he and his then partner lost through a miscarriage at seven months. It was an emotional and vulnerable moment for J Sbu, who hardly ever shares that side of him publicly. Not even to those nearest and dearest to him. 

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For J Sbu, he grew up being taught that men do not cry or show emotions, which is why he still finds it hard to this day to show his vulnerable side. 

He was surprised to know that he was not the only person who processed such emotions in this way. This is why he was very excited to get a copy of Bridget's book. 

In describing the book, Bridget says: 

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Very often we have to mouth the words 'I just don't know what to even say' when we offer up our condolences to individuals who have lost someone. 

And that is because there aren't necessarily any right words to say. It is often said that everyone remembers who was there for them through their trials and tribulations. Think back to a time when you suffered a loss, can you recall who was really there for you? The chances are the answer to that question is a resounding: YES. 

So, what are the practical ways for recovering through loss and grief? Have a listen to these insights from Bridget in the podcast below: 

You can learn more about Bridget McNulty and her book at

Bridget McNulty

If you or someone you know are struggling emotionally or mentally with the grieving process, please use the useful resources that are available to you at SADAG

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