"Do you feel like you have the support of the women around you?" - Stacey Norman #Unshaken

"Do you feel like you have the support of the women around you?" - Stacey Norman #Unshaken

The uncomfortable conversations around Feminism being had by the ECR leading ladies 

Unshaken Podcast Series
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Darren, Keri & Sky

The definition of the term 'Feminism' is ever-evolving with time and the voices of women who get braver and louder in terms of advocating or women's rights and advocating against a misogynistic system. 

At the beginning of the podcast she highlights that because of the traditional 'Feminism' which usually comes across as anti-men, she would not necessarily identify as a 'Feminist'. 

But one realises that Keri Miller is a 'feminist' in her own right. She is all about equal rights across all genders in all contexts. 

She brings forth the topic of having a feminine and a masculine side existing in each of us, therefore, highlighting the equal importance of both women and men in the world. After all, it was a man and a woman who created you and me, no?

Her idea of not being a 'feminist' per se, does not negate the prior experience in the history of women being looked down up and underappreciated but rather emphasises exactly what 'feminism' is about. 

We want that balance, we want to co-exist equally and freely in this space with the other gender. 

Stacey and J Sbu

J Sbu came to a very serious realisation after listening to the #Unshaken podcast.

He listened to the full clip and started researching feminism.

In the past, he had always thought that he could never be a feminist because of how anti-men the movement seemed. 

But after listening to his co-workers talk about the topic of feminism he started to think about it in a different light and it even motivated him to search for more knowledge on the subject.

After this epiphany, Stacey and J Sbu thought they would ask KZN: are you a feminist?

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