WATCH: People find out they've eaten human flesh instead of animal meat

WATCH: People find out they've eaten human flesh instead of animal meat

It's called 'Eat A Swede' and there's a tiny plot twist...

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Warning: Vegans and vegetarians might find this triggering.

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Every human being has thought about what eating human flesh would be like at least once.

It could have been while you were watching a zombie movie or maybe you've found yourself wondering about Hannibal Lecter's diet.

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But what if you were unaware that you had been munching on some human meat?

What if you just assumed that every meaty meal you were eating consisted of animal meat only to be told you've actually been a cannibal this whole time?

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You, and every other person on the planet, would probably freak out.

Like the people in the video below did when they were made aware of the fact that they had just consumed human flesh:

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It really does make you think.

Luckily, this is all just part of a bigger campaign and no humans were harmed in the making of this film.

A team of Swedish filmmakers took a group of people and convinced them they had consumed meat made of humans in this mockumentary 'Eat A Swede'.

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In the movie Swedish entrepreneur and scientist, Erik Karlsson, explains that the world's population is predicted to reach 10 billion by 2050 and the human race will need to desperately need to find alternative food sources, especially protein sources.

So Karlsson comes up with a brilliant plan to harvest human cells in order to grow human meat and even asks film star, Aleksander Skarsgard to join his campaign.

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It's giving us 'Black Mirror' vibes right?

It's all one joke but at the same time the movie conveys a very serious message - how do we produce food for the additional 2000 million people on the planet?

That's what led The Swedish Food Federation to create this film in the first place.

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Hopefully, this will encourage those who are able to consume and produce food in more sustainable ways in order to help protect our precious earth.

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