EXCLUSIVE: Durban local shares how ex broke up with him by faking their death

EXCLUSIVE: Durban local shares how ex broke up with him by faking their death

This could be taking the title for 'Most Elaborate Breakup Scheme Ever'.

Man shares story of ex faking their own death breakup

Everyone has at least one breakup story that haunts them forever.

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It doesn't have to be too dramatic, it might just be that the love of your life dumped you (sorry, we should have maybe added a trigger warning here.)

But unfortunately, not all breakups are easy and not all breakups are clean-cut and then you're over and done with.

Apparently, not all breakups are even real breakups!

Let us explain.

Zipho, known on TikTok as @ziphozmath, recently took to TikTok to share a story that had our jaws on the floor in utter disbelief.

He shared a storytime in which he explains that his ex had deceived them on a level like no other.

Instead of breaking up with Zipho, his ex decided to fake their own death.

And it gets worse.

Check out the full video below:

@ziphozmath ahh fuck it! Here’s the real story. I was so tempted to name and shame! .#mjolothedating #mjolothepandemic #southafricantiktok ♬ original sound - ziphozmath

Of course, after seeing this video pop up in their timelines, Stacey and J Sbu just had to get to the bottom of this story.

They tracked down Zipho, slid into his DM's and asked him to please spill the tea and have him tell the FULL story.

Have they spoken since? How many people were involved in the lie? We have so many questions!

And luckily he was more than happy to share all the details with us, and you:

This also got them thinking: what is the WORST thing an ex has told you when they were ending the relationship?

KZN came through with their most savage stories:

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