SEE: This is how you shut down unacceptable behaviour like a pro

SEE: This is how you shut down unacceptable behaviour like a pro

It's 2021 and we're still dealing with this type of 90's behaviour.

Recruiter Disgusted After Employer Says Candidate Is 'Too Fat' For Job
Faye Angeletta LinkedIn

There is a lot of old fashioned behaviour that has had to be checked and thrown out the proverbial window over the last couple of years.

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Sexist behaviour, racist behaviour and other troublesome practices and acts are no longer being tolerated.

People are naming, shaming and calling out the people acting inappropriately.

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Just like Faye Angeletta. who recently had an interaction that left her in utter shock.

Faye is the director of a property recruitment firm and she had been helping a candidate who she put forward for a sales position when she asked the company for some feedback on how the client had done during their interview.

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Their reply left Faye feeling angry and even caused her to pull the candidate from the process.

She then shared the exchange on LinkedIn:

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Faye says that the candidate is a size 16 and has recently been dealing with a cancer diagnosis so unlike the interviewer she's looking for the best person for the job and notes that across the UK there is currently a shortage of talent.

She had also made it clear to the employer that she believed they were completely out of order.

Well done to Faye, for standing up for her clients and shutting down this body shamer.

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