EXCLUSIVE: J Sbu chats to Focalistic! 'MTV Europe Music Award' nominee

EXCLUSIVE: J Sbu chats to Focalistic! 'MTV Europe Music Award' nominee

He is the new cool kid, at just 25-years-old Focalistic's star is crossing borders within and outside of the continent. 


Focalistic’s lyrical swag, style and brilliant creativity is something we can never fit into a box. His influence merges the hugely popular Amapiano sound with a Kwaito feel and flair. 

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Affectionately known as Pitori Maradona, Focalistic is an accurate representation of Pitori flair - the capital city that is deemed by its residents as a flamboyant city that has its own personality and culture which sets it apart from the rest of the country. 

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His music however has crossed boundaries, not only across the country, but more impressively the African continent. A case in point is the remix to his break-out hit single: Ke Star, in which Focalistic enlisted the help of Nigerian and international star: Davido.

Focalistic has recently been named as one of the ambassadors for Stylin’ Creative Conquerors 3.0. From art showcases to fashion and music, Creative Conquerors is all about creative expression and the opportunity to thrive in one's authenticity.

Makes perfect sense for Focalistic to lead this movement, yes? 

J Sbu managed to connect with the man himself - currently on tour - to chat about his rise to fame and what's next for the musical maestro. 

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