WATCH: New Chicken Licken ad will hit you right in the feels

WATCH: New Chicken Licken ad will hit you right in the feels

It's so good, you won't know if you should laugh or cry...

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Hate them or love them, when an advertisement is good, it will hit that replay button in your mind.

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And while there are a few other tasty chicken restaurants who have been dominating the ad game, Chicken Licken have proven that they have a few tricks up their sleeves as well.

Earlier this year they took us back to the 80s when they Mzansi-fied the classic show, ‘Nightrider’, and even included the Hoff in their remake!

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Now they went in a very interesting and totally opposite direction.

Their latest ad will have you feeling some type of way as you watch the main character develop some serious emotions.

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The story follows a tiny and expressionless baby as he grows up and enters adulthood.

But from the get-go, you notice something is different. This baby is not like other babies.

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Soon enough you notice the thing that makes this kid unique (we’ll let you watch the ad and figure it out for yourself, no spoilers.)

And then - a plot twist.

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Want to know why Chicken Licken has us all up in our emotions? Watch the ad here:

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If you’re sitting there right now, thinking to yourself “wow, Chicken Licken really went deep”, then you’re not the only one.

Mzansi has been sharing their thoughts on this new project and the reviews are in…

They love it!

Could a Chicken Licken movie be what the future holds?

A fried chicken lover can only dream!

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