WATCH: Cyclist experiences vicious real-life angry bird attack

WATCH: Cyclist experiences vicious real-life angry bird attack

This bird woke up, chose violence, and was ready to ruffle some feathers!

WATCH: Bicyclist experiences vicious real-life angry bird attack

Remember when everyone was obsessed with playing a game where you attack little piggies by catapulting birds at them?

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Those hours we wasted playing 'Angry Birds' was a simpler time.

Not that it really needs to be said but the game was obviously not based on any real-life experiences and was a complete work of fiction.

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Although, strange and terrifying animal encounters are by no means fictional.

Especially in places like South Africa, where the wildlife really earned the wild title.

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Whether it's an elephant charging or a dog-mom confronting a grizzly bear, humans have had their fair share of animal encounters.

And they don't always have a happy ending.

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Most recently, a cyclist was enjoying a ride when he had an aggressive animal encounter of his own.

The unknown cyclist was riding through Braton, Australia when he was attacked by a bird.

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He was able to capture the moment on video thanks to the helmet cam he had been wearing as the magpie decided to come at him, seemingly unprovoked.

Watch the video below:

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Luckily, the man and the bird escaped the encounter unharmed and even though it wasn't a super serious incident, he might be a little bit traumatised. 

He'll definitely be keeping a keen eye on any other flying "friends" during future cycling expeditions.

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