WATCH: Chicken Licken recreate a classic 80's TV show in new ad

WATCH: Chicken Licken recreate a classic 80's TV show in new ad

Here's a hint: the show features an iconic car and THE David Hasselhoff!

Knight rider slider
Chicken Licken/YouTube

Nobody likes sitting through tons and tons of adverts when all you really want to do is watch your show.

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Especially if the ads are so boring you'd rather be watching the news!

But every so often a brand just gets it right. 

This is one of those times.

Are you ready for a blast from the past? 

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Classic television shows are classics for a reason and one of the beloved series of the '80s is 'Knight Rider'.

If you aren't familiar, the show featured a talking car called KITT, with David Hasselhoff playing the role of Michael Knight. Together the duo fights crime and injustice all around the world.

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With their latest advertisement, Chicken Licken have decided to take this legendary show and give it a local twist.

And to say they nailed it would be an understatement!

The ad follows the now South African duo as they are scolded by Michael's younger sister, share banter, take part in a drag race, and finally end their adventures with a well-deserved Chicken Licken slider.

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The ad even features a VERY special guest from the original series - the one-and-only Hoff!

Now it's time for you to meet Michael Nyathi, Mzansi's version of Michael Knight, who is played by actor Thabo Malema, and his favourite car, KITT:

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We're not the only ones in love with this brilliant ad.

The verdict is out and everyone is Team #NewRiderNewSlider:

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Some people were still a bit confused by the talking car, but luckily Chicken Licken are always ready to clear things up:

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We honestly can't wait to see what Chicken Licken does next! Maybe they'll have some of their 'Friends' join in? 

All we know is they're part of our 'A-Team'.


If you have never heard of 'Knight Rider' or you just want to take a trip down memory lane, here's a little something extra just for you:

Want to catch up on all your favourite duo's best moments? Listen to everything #StaceyAndJSbu below:

Main image courtesy of Chicken Licken/YouTube

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