Woman accuses store of tricking her into eating 'disgusting' food

Woman accuses store of tricking her into eating 'disgusting' food

Is she just a picky eater being dramatic or is her anger justified?

Woman accuses store of tricking her into eating meat

Every one of us has bitten into a piece of food, expecting it to be one thing or maybe thinking it would taste a certain way, only to receive a massive shock when it is not reflecting what has been advertised.

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It can actually be quite traumatic.

If you have a bad experience with some food or a drink, you might go the rest of your life not touching it ever again.

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While it might be funny when your friends or family trick you into eating something as a joke, there are many religions and cultures where people are prohibited from eating certain foods and it can be a seriously upsetting situation if they were to consume something they shouldn't.

Heidi Marshman recently took to Twitter to call out a supermarket that she claims 'tricked' her into eating something she would NEVER eat again.

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Heidi is a vegan and while shopping for vegan-friendly products in the freezer section of the store, a major accident occurred.

She had made a purchase that she thought corresponded with her lifestyle choice of being a vegan but when she went home she was shocked and "disgusted" when she realised that instead of buying imitation meat she had bought, made, and ate the real thing!

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Heidi was not going to remain quiet about this switch around and Tweeted the store and she even included a picture to help make her point:

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Her tweet went on to receive a lot of attention as other vegans and vegetarians agreed with her.

The store eventually responded but the people were not impressed:

It seems like this interaction has actually sparked an even bigger conversation about product placement in stores, a serious issue we never even would have thought existed.

You learn something new every day.

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