WATCH: Influencer reveals shocking fact about his head of "hair"

WATCH: Influencer reveals shocking fact about his head of "hair"

You won't believe how these chains of hair are connected to his head...

Dan Sur chains wig surgery on head

Every person on the planet wants to be unique and doesn't want to just disappear into the crowd (Except maybe a few introverts).

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That's why we do things to make ourselves stand out. Whether it's the way you dress, do your make-up, do your hair, the list goes on.

Celebrities, singers, actors, TikTokers, influencers, and any other popular person with a platform also craves this feeling of being different but they tend to push the boundaries and do some really crazy things to make themselves stand out.

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Lady Gaga wore a meat dress, Angelina Jolie wore her partner's blood in a vial around her neck, and Lil Nas X announced his album by posing for a maternity shoot.

But earlier this year rapper Lil Uzi Vert had the whole internet talking when he revealed he had spent millions, $24-million to be exact, to get a pink diamond implanted into his forehead.

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The only problem was that it had dislodged from its placement when he was performing at a festival.

He's not the only rapper to surgically modify his head though.

Following in his footsteps is reggaeton rapper and producer Dan Sur.

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Taking to TikTok, the rapper revealed that he is the first person on the planet to have had a very specific type of surgery.

Or so he claims (Although we are struggling to understand why anyone else would have this procedure).

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Dan Sur wanted to create a look that made it seem like he had just walked "straight out of a jewellery store". And it seems like he definitely achieved the look.

Since undergoing the surgery he has been showing off his new gold and diamond headpiece to all his followers.

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But how does this contraption actually work? According to MTO News, the rapper had a bunch of hooks installed all over his head and this is where he can now attach the chains so they can hang down like beautiful golden locks.

He has been rocking the new do since April of this year and it's already played quite a part in his life.

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Not only does it look good but it's captivated the attention of millions, who now support the rapper and watch his videos regularly.

But whether this was the best idea for boosting your follower count is still up for debate.

Have a look at Dan Sur's before and after:

Before (November 2020)

After (September 2021)

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In this video, the TikTok star explains how and why he had the procedure done:


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Not just anybody would be able to pull this look off, so well done to Dan Sur for having the confidence to do this!

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