See the parking space that sold for R2.25-million!

See the parking space that sold for R2.25-million!

This must be one special parking space, right?

See the parking space that sold for R2,25 million!

Remember the days when parking was free, and it was available everywhere?

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No need to search for a random R5 coin between your car seats.

Now, as cities and towns grow and expand, the parking spaces that were once abundant are now becoming quite scarce.

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In some areas, you'll be lucky if you find an apartment to rent that includes a parking space. In Cape Town, leaving your car on the side of the road overnight is considered the norm.

Oh how the times change.

So paying a lot for a parking space is probably not as crazy as it sounds.

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If people can pay obscene amounts for mansions and designer clothing, then swiping a black card in order to acquire a prime parking spot starts to make sense.

But how much is too much for a space on the ground where you leave your car for short periods of time?

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R100? R100,000? We would say the max is probably R2.25-million... 

Which is what someone in England has paid for the "perfect" spot.

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Just two days after being listed on property agents Whiteley Helyar's site the R2.25-million (£115,000) parking bay was snatched up by a very eager buyer.

According to the agents, this type of space is very rare and that makes the demand for it extremely high. Which obviously translates to the price as well.

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So rare in fact that it's been eight years since space in this very garage had been available for sale.

Here is the description, as listed by the agents, of the space and a few pictures so you can see exactly what the R2.25-million will get you:

See the parking space that sold for R2,25 million!
See the parking space that sold for R2,25 million!

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And just in case you thought "this has to be the most expensive parking lot EVER", you thought wrong.

It isn't even the most expensive spot to go on sale in the UK in 2021!

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A parking spot in a secure garage in Knightbridge, London, which is a size of three-metres by six-metres, was sold for £350,000 (R6.84-million).

While the record for most expensive parking lot ever sold was a massive R18.3-million and was located in Hong Kong.

The only reason you should be paying this much for a parking space is if the car you are parking there costs even more than that.

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