WATCH: Here is a confirmed method for keeping your house spider free!

WATCH: Here is a confirmed method for keeping your house spider free!

Spiders climbing up the water spout? Not if we can help it!

Keep house spider free hack

Creepy crawlies, our multi-legged friends, whatever you like to call them, spiders are always finding their way into our homes.

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Did you know that Arachnophobia, the severe fear of spiders, affects 3.5 to 6.1 percent of the global population?

That's about 460,440,000 people on Earth who are seriously affected by their fear of spiders.

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But even if you haven't officially been diagnosed with Arachnophobia, there is still a pretty good chance that spiders make you feel uncomfortable and make your skin crawl. Most bugs, insects, and other little creepies tend to have that effect on us humans.

Even though they allegedly are "more scared of you than you are of them"...

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That never seems to be the case when you spot one in your home.

And what if you are so caught off-guard you don't have any bug spray (or a trusty shoe) close by?

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Or maybe you're terrified that one of these little buggers will climb on you during your sweet slumber?

Well, do we have the solution for you!

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Actually, TikToker @sour_patch_chick95 (aka Heather White) has a very helpful solution for you.

Heather recorded this handy hack a few years ago but it has only recently been unearthed after many users returned to the video to sing its praises and confirm that the hack is a complete success.

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And the best news is that you don't need any fancy equipment, expensive products or complicated methods.

Watch the video below to see how Heather does is:


Spider hack! Watch this! #spiders #peppermint #foryoupage

♬ original sound - Heather White

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You might still be skeptical about the effectiveness of this trick, how can you trust a few random strangers on the internet?

Country Living recommends the same method by adding that you should vacuum and dust first, removing all existing spiderwebs, create the mixture of peppermint oil and water, spray around the house and repeat once a week (or whenever you start noticing spiders popping up).

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The Journal Of Economic Entomology also published a study back in 2017 that provides a more scientific explanation, but it confirms it once again:

Could it keep other bugs out as well? Heather says yes! And that it even kills them on contact.

One last warning, be careful while using essential oils around other pets like cats and dogs as it could be harmful to them as well.

Other than that, it's time to get your mix on, spray away, and say "Bugs be gone!"

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