WATCH: Gender-reveal party causes "earthquake"

WATCH: Gender-reveal party causes "earthquake"

Parents-to-be have clearly not learned their lesson yet when it comes to these types of parties...

Gender reveal

Gender reveal parties have almost become more hazardous than actual natural disasters.

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While parents should be able to celebrate the new life that will be joining their family, and any party should always be a joyous occasion, these types of get-togethers have quickly become a trend that has gotten out of hand.

Just last year, two devastating stories about gender reveals circled the internet, with one being the cause of the massive California wildfires while another started a similar wildfire situation in Florida.

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Parents-to-be have even tragically lost their lives or injured fellow partygoers through the reckless and careless acts used to reveal the gender of the baby.

You would think all of these stories, and the many, many others, would serve as enough warning to any other future parents hoping to throw such a celebration, but alas, this would not be the case.

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People are still continuing the antics, and this time one couple caused an entire earthquake!

In Kington, New Hampshire (USA), a couple decided to use explosives at their party, which would obviously create an explosion.

Maybe the goal was to have a teeny, tiny little explosion go off, but they might have gotten more than they bargained for.

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The actual explosion was so powerful that the shake was felt in a number of surrounding towns! It was powerful enough to have people convinced that they had just felt an earthquake!

Some locals even thought it might have been caused by a large tree falling down.

Police were contacted and they responded to a call stating that there had been a "large explosion" at a Torromeo Industries site (a Kingston construction company). When they arrived at the scene, they found 36,3kg of Tannerite, which can be bought over-the-counter but it's generally used for firearms practice.

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The authorities told CBS Boston that everyone at the scene was cooperating and the man who had purchased the explosives, and detonated it, did turn himself and is continuing to cooperate with authorities.

The effects of the blast were captured on camera which you can watch below:

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Local residents are not impressed are have even noticed that their homes have been damaged by the explosion.

Tina Bouraphael shared that she had noticed cracks in her home as the eruption shook the foundation of her home.

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We couldn't agree more with the fact that this was absolutely ridiculous.

And just in case you were wondering: it's a boy.

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