WATCH: 'John Vuli Gate' volume two: Are we here for it?

WATCH: 'John Vuli Gate' volume two: Are we here for it?

They are the ladies that inspired a whole new trend in 2020 and they are now back again with a new dance challenge, but will this one catch on?  

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Dubbed the 'John Vuli Gate Girls' following a viral video that became what Mandoza's 'Nkalakatha' is to us, till this day, a national anthem. 

The ladies, who are from Limpopo, went viral on social media following a video of them doing the 'Sdudla dance' at a local garage was released. 

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The ladies danced to the hit song by Mapasa A Jazz known as 'John Vuli Gate'. A refresher below: 

After some time away from the 'spotlight', it seems the ladies have made a comeback. 

Social media reaction has been mixed following the release of their new dance video, which was filmed at a local restaurant. The ladies are dancing yet again to another Amapiano song called, 'ProParty'. 

Have a look at the video and share what you think: 

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Image courtesy of Twitter @danielmarven

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