J Sbu faces a parent's worst nightmare...

J Sbu faces a parent's worst nightmare...

The list of things that can strike fear into a parent's heart is actually quite lengthy and today J Sbu experienced one of those fears firsthand! 

J Sbu Zanda
East Coast Radio

J Sbu is the proud father of an adorable four-year-old boy named Zanda.

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Just last year, Zanda was going to daycare where all he did was nap and play games. Now he's growing up fast and going to big boy school!

He's officially in Grade RRR where he is spending lots of time hanging out with kids his age, as well as learning a bunch of new things like reading and writing.

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While J Sbu is thrilled that his little boy is doing so well and enjoying school, while dropping him off this morning, something happened.

The teacher called J Sbu and already he was feeling quite nervous.

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There are many phrases that can make a person break out in a cold sweat, "we need to talk", "where were you last night?", and "where is your report card?" are just a few, but one of the most fear-inducing for any parent has to be when the teacher says: "Please can you stay behind for a little bit?"

And it's not that he doesn't believe his son is a good kid, it's common knowledge that when a teacher asks you that question there might be something a bit off that you two need to talk about.

Cue the panic.

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But to his surprise, the situation was not at all what he had expected!

The teacher shared with him that Zanda has been giving his lunch away to all the kids in his class. She also said that although he means well, they have to put a stop to this because by handing out his food, he in turn ends up with nothing.

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Torn between being proud and concerned, J Sbu realised he would have to talk to his son because it meant that he was not eating anything during his school hours.

 So he had to make him understand that while he was doing a really good deed, he can't do it again.

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They sat down, had a talk, and now he has to wait and see what happens after school today...

Will Zanda come home hungry again? Have the parents of KZN had the same happen to them? Has their little one ever gotten into trouble at school and did they have to face the teacher? 

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