The curious case of the long pinky nail that men grow

The curious case of the long pinky nail that men grow

Today's show with Stacey and J Sbu kicked off with a public service announcement by Aphelele, a KZN listener following an incident that took place earlier today. 

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Aphelele was doing her morning coffee run this morning when she was approached by what seemed to be an eligible bachelor. 

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The two strangers made conversation whilst they waited for their coffees. According to Aphelele, the chemistry was very obvious and as the two were about to go their separate ways, the gentlemen in question asked for her number. 

As Aphelele took his phone to put in her cellphone number, she made a shocking discovery that stopped her right in her tracks. Listen as Aphelele shares what exactly happened in the podcast below: 

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Stacey could not agree more with Aphelele, grooming for men and women is essential! 

The question still beckons though, what is the purpose of the overgrown pinky nail that men grow? 

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One of the more bizarre theories when it comes to the answer to this is question is that historically, having one long nail was associated with being upper class as an indicator of wealth and elegance for a man. 


According to, long nails, especially when they are clean and unchipped, point to a man belonging to a socially superior community - much like in other parts of Asia where growing out, bejewelling, and decorating finger nails was a symbol of status for both men and women.

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Do you know someone who has a long pinky nail? 

Whether you understand it or not, we have to say each to their own, right?

Take a listen to the podcast below to find out what the final verdict on these nails was and if KZN agrees:

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