WATCH: Fishermen compete with sharks during sardine run

WATCH: Fishermen compete with sharks during sardine run

It's that time of the year where the sardines are plentiful... but it seems like the fishermen have some serious competition!

Fishermen compete with sharks sardine run
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In case you didn't know - our fishy friends have splashed into KZN!

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The sardine run is underway and all the craziness surrounding it.

They are still steadily making their way up the coast, coming all the way from the Eastern Cape to the waters of KZN.

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While the amount of sardines are still considerably high, there are also other animals that are cashing in on the seemingly unlimited amount of sardines present in the waters.

From birds to friendly dolphins, everyone's joining in, but there is one animal that fishermen now have to be cautious of - sharks.

Fishermen and members of the public had to be wary of and sometimes even physically fight off sharks that made their way toward the netted sardines at Pennington Beach this week.

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Greg Thompson, the KZN Sharks Board's acting head of operations, said that the board had very recently conducted a sardine observation flight and that they are monitoring the activity closely.

They are also removing and replacing shark safety gear as required, but there has also been a large number of common dolphins, around 5,000, and bottlenose dolphins, around 1,500, spotted around Rame Head and Mngazi Mouth.

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You can read the full report here.

As for the sharks, the competition was tough but they were riding the wave. Literally.

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As residents and fishermen wanted to haul out sardines, the sharks would wash out amongst the fish and some would take it upon themselves to ward off the predators with whatever they had on them.

You can see some of the many videos shared on social media below:

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Here is another video showcasing the absolute fearlessness of these fishermen.

They are doing what most of us would never be brave enough to do:

While we would love to snack on some sardines, we don't know if we would be able to compete with the sharks?

We'll settle for a stop at the grocery store and a browse around the canned food isle.

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