WATCH: South coast fishers net thousands of sardines

WATCH: South coast fishers net thousands of sardines

A Durban fisherman says local fishers have been battling to feed their families over the lockdown. 

Sardines Margate
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South coast fishermen on Monday filled hundreds of crates with the freshly caught silverfish in Ramsgate.

Goolam Essack, a seasoned netter from Chatsworth, anticipates a massive sardine run this year. 

"I feel sorry for the fisherman because the government is not doing what they are supposed to do. Give them the poor fishermen chance. Let them fish for a living, let them support their children. The people are starving."

Essack thinks the shoals that were netted yesterday were pilot fish shoals. 

"What I am looking at now, maybe there's more that will come. Give it another day, or so we will get the main shoal through."

The annual sardine run sees giant shoals migrating northwards along the KwaZulu-Natal coast.

Watch below: A shark, trapped in the nets, was released unharmed. 

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