WATCH: 3m long Great White shark swims amongst surfers in Plett

WATCH: 3m long Great White shark swims amongst surfers in Plett

It's a big "no" from us!

Great white

Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File reports that in 2018 only four people were killed by sharks worldwide, which was below the normal average of six. 

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This is of course excellent news!

Although this is very good to know, and sharks might not be such malicious killing machines as we thought they were, this still does not mean that you should be swimming up to them, wanting to hang out.

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One should always remember that they are wild animals, who follow their instinct and that remain incredibly dangerous (especially if provoked).

Sometimes, you might not even know how close to them you might be because of how stealthily they move beneath the waters and if you didn't look down you wouldn't even notice them!

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That was the case in Robberg, Plettenberg Bay, where a bunch of surfers was out enjoying their day.

Little did they know that not far below a massive Great White, of about 3metres, was casually gliding through the waters.

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The video was originally captured by @crazy_natuer2.0 who is known for sharing incredible drone footage of the coastal scenes found in South Africa.

This, however, at the time of posting, was the only video that has shown footage of this potentially deadly beast amongst humans.

You can watch the jaw-dropping video right here:

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We can't help but wonder "how did they not notice this shark?!"

You can see that there was a moment, around 38 seconds into the video, where one of the surfers must have spotted the shark and started warning the others, as everyone simultaneously started to ferociously paddle back to the shore.

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Luckily no one seems to have been injured or seriously hurt during the encounter but that was a close one if we've ever seen one!

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