Uber offers 100,000 free rides to help teachers get vaccinated

Uber offers 100,000 free rides to get teachers vaccinated

The essential worker vaccination rollout has officially kicked off and Uber is lending a helping hand, or set of wheels actually...

Uber offers teachers free rides for vaccination

The second phase of South Africa's vaccine rollout is underway and seemingly going quite well.

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The two-week push is looking to administer around 582,000 Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine doses to teachers and all other essential school personnel. This includes cleaners, food handlers and others that will now be prioritised for jabs.

This vaccination drive is set to be completed by the time schools are closing for the mid-year break on the 8th of July with an estimated 42,000 doses rolling out daily.

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281 vaccination sites have been set up to help accommodate the teachers and school staff, with KZN currently having the largest share of fixed vaccination sites and while Limpopo leads the whole vaccination drive.

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Across the world, many companies, cities and states have tried to motivate citizens by offering freebies and other incentives if they get vaccinated.

South Africa hasn't really jumped on this train but our number one e-hailing service has!

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When vaccinations started rolling out globally Uber, along with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), announced that they would be offering 1 million free rides in total to vaccinations sites all across the world.

Now they are helping South African school staff get to vaccination sites around the country by covering two trips for 300,000 eligible citizens up to the value of R150.

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If you're a teacher/essential school staff in need of a ride to the vaccination site, or you know of someone who might benefit from this, here's what you need to do:

1. Create an Uber account after you have received confirmation that you are eligible for your jab

2. Type in the link https://t.uber.com/dbevaccine to claim an Uber voucher. (It will be saved on your account)

3. Once you have claimed the voucher, sign into the Uber app with your personal profile and add a form of payment.

4. Enter your destination and directly above the "Choose" button, the voucher will automatically appear on the ride request screen.

5. You can also view any voucher details by selecting the Menu bar, tapping on Wallet, scrolling down and choosing Vouchers

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Most importantly, remember that with no mask you won't be able to ride! And sanitize your hands when jumping in the backseat.

Other than that enjoy the free ride to your vaccination and congrats!

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