'Selling Sunset' reality star accused of faking pregnancy during latest season

'Selling Sunset' reality star accused of faking pregnancy during latest season

Once again, viewers are having to wonder: What is real and what is fake?

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset reality tv star accused of faking pregnancy
Christine Quinn Official Instagram

There is one thing we all know about reality television and that is that you can never 100% fully believe what you are being shown.

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Whether it's the Kardashians or 'Big Brother', there is always some kind of storyline manipulation happening behind the scenes.

Over the years, contestants and reality stars have come out every now and again, making bold claims about the shows they starred on, 'exposing' producers and telling the 'truth' about what really happens on these sets.

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That's why rumours combined with reality television = chaos.

One reality show that has taken the world by storm in the last few years is 'Selling Sunset'.

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The Netflix show follows the lives of luxury real estate agents in California and the drama that unfolds within their lives.

When the first season dropped, the hype was very real and since then, reality television junkies have been blessed with three more seasons.

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And season four, which just dropped this month, has really stirred the pot!

Christine Quinn, who is known to be the most controversial star on the show, has already had to defend herself.

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Viewers of the show first flagged some suspicious behaviour and pointed out things that didn't seem to add up in her pregnancy journey.

On the show, Christine had shared that the birth of her baby had been exceptionally traumatising:

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That had people questioning whether Christine had actually given birth or if she had used a surrogate and was lying seeing as she seemed to have recovered from this experience pretty quickly?

Christine also said that she had tried to stay as healthy as possible during her pregnancy, doing yoga and eating healthy foods.

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But according to the show and from what viewers saw, Christine was back at the studio doing all kinds of moves after her surgery.

She posted on Instagram, sharing some DMs she had received of people accusing her of lying about her pregnancy and that she was setting unrealistic expectations for other mothers.

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But Christine is having none of it and has been taking to the social media streets to shut down these rumours:

Christine Quinn pregnancy fake rumours Selling Sunset
Buzzfeed/Christine Quinn Official Instagram

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Whether or not some parts of a reality show are real or fake may be up for debate, we think it's safe to say that this one can be put to bed.

If you have never set your eyes on 'Selling Sunet' and you are in need of a new favourite guilty pleasure series, then let us do the right thing and introduce you to season one.

You'll be hooked within hours:

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