Siya Kolisi finally meets his three-year-old mini-me!

Siya Kolisi finally meets his three-year-old mini-me!

This might just be the cutest thing we've ever seen!

Siya Kolisi meets three-year-old mini-me Amani
Siya Kolisi Official Instagram

A week ago, the internet was absolutely charmed when parents of the cutest three-year-old shared pictures of his birthday party on social media.

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What made this party so special was the fact that Amani wanted to dress up for his party and he found his inspiration in the captain of the Springboks, Siya Kolisi.

Captain Kolisi came across the post and even reshared it on his own personal Instagram and was so impressed with the little man's costume.

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But get ready, because your heart is about to burst when you find out what happened next...

On Friday, Siya posted a series of pictures with his tiniest biggest fan!

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Siya took the time to hang out with Amani and his family and you can almost see the disbelief in his eyes as he looks at his hero.

Just when we thought this couldn't get any cuter!

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We're also taking this as a sign that Beyoncé will one day see our tweets and DM us for a hangout.

Read the original story below:

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Birthday parties for kids hit different.

It's always a themed affair and parents are always willing to go the extra mile for their little ones.

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The party theme usually matches whatever obsession the children have at that point in their life.

This usually includes things like the Teletubbies, Paw Patrol, Barbie, etc.

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But one three-year-old's birthday party recently caught South African's attention and even received a special shoutout!

Little Amani celebrated his third birthday with a Halloween-themed party and he decided to dress up as his favourite rugby player, a Springbok legend and new Shark, Mr Siya Kolisi.

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From lifting his very own Webb Ellis Trophy to wearing his very own Springbok jersey, Amani was having the best day. That was until he had an accident and fell off his bike, chipping his tooth and splitting his lip.

But in true Siya fashion, Amani took a page out his idol's book and after a trip to the doctor's office, was ready for round two, and the party continued!

Have a look at the adorable pictures below:

Three-year-old celebrates birthday by dressing like Siya Kolisi
Joseph Mpyana
Three-year-old celebrates birthday by dressing like Siya Kolisi
Joseph Mpyana
Three-year-old celebrates birthday by dressing like Siya Kolisi
Joseph Mpyana
Three-year-old celebrates birthday by dressing like Siya Kolisi
Joseph Mpyana

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While we might not know what he wished for as he blew out his birthday candles, we're pretty sure this post on Siya Kolisi's Instagram feed would be making this little man's dreams come true:

Siya Kolisi boy dressup birthday party

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Many people will tell you you should never meet your heroes because you're most likely to walk away from the interaction feeling disappointed.

But we reckon that it would be pretty great if they were all has humble, kind, and genuine as Mr Kolisi.

It's actually no surprise that Amani wanted to honour him in this way.

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