Nicki Minaj's bedazzled Crocs see sales skyrocket

Nicki Minaj's bedazzled Crocs see sales skyrocket

A picture of Nicki Minaj wearing bedazzled pink Crocs crashed the company's website. It also caused sales of the foam clogs to skyrocket. 

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj/ Instagram

Remember that time you said you would never be caught dead in Crocs? Well, thanks to Nicki Minaj and others stars, the foam clogs are officially the hottest item of 2021. 

The American rapper shared a picture of herself wearing a pair of pink Crocs on Instagram. Her foam clogs were bedazzled with luxury jibbitz charms. 

The image, which was Nicki's first post since January, was liked more than four-million times. 

According to Page Six, the Crocs website crashed shortly after Nicki shared the post. Sales of the shoes also increased by a whopping 4,900%. 

Nicki hinted that she was dropping something on Friday. Her fans are convinced it is either new music or her own line of Crocs. 

Either way, they are getting their coins read to but whatever she is selling. 

Once laughed off as shoes only your grandmother or two-year-old niece would dare wear, Crocs have slowly been creeping into the closets of some very famous people.

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Ruby Rose, and even John Cena have been spotted rocking Crocs. 

Back home in South Africa, influencer and entrepreneur, Aisha Baker, has been leading the Crocs cause with passion. 

We're still not 100% sure if we will ever be caught dead in Crocs, but the foam clogs officially have our attention. 


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Main image courtesy of Instagram/@nickiminaj

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