You can now buy white sparkly Crocs for your wedding day

You can now buy white sparkly Crocs for your wedding day

The infamous footwear brand is expanding into the wedding market – and social media is divided.


Would you wear Crocs at your wedding? Most people would respond with a flat-out ‘no’ to that question. However, the shoe brand has revealed that it is now offering white sparkly shoes as the perfect accompaniment to any wedding outfit.

The brand’s new sparkly shoes are now being sold by Etsy via Princess Pumps and social media users are left divided on if they would wear the comfortable yet unfashionable shoe on their big day. 

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“Looking for unbeatable comfort with a hint of sparkle? Enjoy these flashy crystal sequin Crocs at home or work! You won’t find these in stores!” the description on the site reads.

However, the shoes do not come cheap! A pair of the sequined Crocs start at a whopping R1,600. 

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While some have called out the footwear brand on the shoe, calling it “horrendous” and “the ugliest wedding shoe I have ever seen”, some social media users are all for the idea of wearing the sparkly white shoes on their big day.

Would you wear these sparkly sequined Crocs on your wedding day? Vote in our poll or let Carol know in the comments section below. 

Image courtesy: Crocs

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