Sarah Langa says pretty people should "uplift people who don't feel pretty"

Sarah Langa says pretty people should "uplift people who don't feel pretty"

Over the weekend, the fashion influencer had the Twitter streets all worked up with her bold statement.

Sarah Langa Pretty Privilege
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Another day, another influencer putting her foot in her mouth.

Or did she?

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A recent clip from an interview with Sarah Langa was making the rounds on Twitter and for some reason, people were getting quite worked up.

The video snippet is from a longer interview that took place a few months ago, but people are only concerned with what was mentioned in this 30-second clip.

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Festive Get-Together premiered in December 2020 and was a three-part special that focused on spending quality time with loved ones over the festive season, with Unathi Nkayi as the host.

In the second episode, longtime friends Sarah Langa and Kefilwe Mabote sat down with the 'Idols' judge to discuss all things life and business, as well as diving into common misconceptions and their legacies.

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During this interview, Unathi, Sarah, and Kefilwe spoke about pretty privilege.

The initial Tweet, which includes the short video, praises Sarah for speaking up about pretty privilege and her approach:

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Almost immediately, replies started flooding in.

People seemed confused as to how 'being pretty' can be a privilege and how one should utilise it in order to help others.

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Others were ready to defend Sarah, stating that everyone knew and understood what she was trying to say, although she might have fumbled her delivery.

There were also a few accusations of bullying and even Beyonce got brought into it!

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According to an article written by Markus Mobius and Tanya Rosenblat, 'pretty privilege' is what happens when those who meet societal beauty standards experience social advantages and better treatment by those who perceive them as attractive. Psychology researchers refer to this as the 'beauty premium' and more commonly known as 'pretty privilege'.

So Sarah might not have used all the right words and phrases according to Twitter, but she is clearly on to something.

You can watch the full interview right here:

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Main image courtesy of Sarah Langa Official Twitter

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