"I thought only rich people had email addresses!"

"I thought only rich people had email addresses!"

Money might not buy happiness but it does buy quite a few other things.

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Let's be honest: when you're a kid you don't really know a lot.

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You're still learning, figuring out your way around the world, and you definitely still believe in a few things that might seem strange or crazy when you look back on it, but at the time it made perfect sense!

Don't know what we mean?

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Well, how about the fact that your parents would tell you that if you sat too close to the television or watched too much TV your eyes would become squares?

And let's not even get started on all the make-believe fairytale beings that either bring you things once a year, hide food in your garden or take your teeth.

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The point is that when you are a child still growing up into a wiser adult, you have such an innocence some might mistake for gullibility.

Stacey and J Sbu recently had a conversation off-air where they discussed the interesting and hilarious thoughts you had as a child.

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And it made them realise that as kids, there were certain things your neighbours, friends or even other family members would own that made you believe they were rich.

They might not even have been but when you saw this one thing you just assumed, for some reason, even though there was no justification for it, that they had some serious cash money dollars.

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For J Sbu it was every time he saw a very specific piece of furniture and for Stacey, it was something in her friends' fridge...

We also asked KZN to let us know: what are some of the things you thought were indicators of wealth when you were younger?

Some of these answers are so hilarious and so true!

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