SEE: Model calls out restaurant for having sexist menus

SEE: Model calls out restaurant for having sexist menus

Is she being overly sensitive or is her anger justified?

Model calls out restaurants for sexist menus
Agustina Gandolfo Instagram

Sexism is still a major concern in various industries, in daily conversations, in every single country, town, and city across the world.

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Sexist issues have sparked many debates such as addressing the wage gap between men and women and why men have the power to make decisions surrounding a women's body.

While these are all quite serious and major issues, sexism comes in various shapes and forms, and microaggressions are probably the most common in day-to-day life. These little instances might even go unnoticed because we have either become so used to them or we don't even recognise them as being sexist.

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One such instance was recently pointed out by an Argentinian blogger and model, Agustina Gandolfo.

She had been dining at a restaurant in Milan, Italy with her boyfriend, professional footballer Lautaro Martinez, when she noticed something strange about their menus.

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The restaurant in question was a very upscale and fancy place and apparently, that was the justification for why the couple's menus were different.

To Agustina and her boyfriend's shock and horror, her menu did not include any prices. None, nothing, nada.

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This implies that Agustina would not be contributing to the meal. Instead, her boyfriend would be paying for everything.

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Her Instagram posts got so much attention that the local press and many prominent restaurateurs decided to jump in on the debate that she had now started.

Two Italian restauranteurs, Rossella Cerea, who is a manager at a three Michelin-starred restaurant, and Alessandro Pipero spoke to the local press and even they disagreed on whether or not the 'blind menu' is sexist or not.

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The 'blind menu' also isn't the only sexist restaurant custom that has remained: the bill usually gets handed to the male diner and even if a woman has ordered the wine, a male has to taste it first.

Apparently, it isn't just common in Italy as one Twitter user exposed the Eiffel Tower restaurant for doing the same thing:

Does that mean if a woman is dining alone or with a group of girlfriends their meal is free?

We kid of course, but whether or not it's sexist, maybe we should start putting prices on ALL menus just because it's probably a lot more convenient.

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