Let's share a secret: Should couples tell each other everything?

Let's share a secret: Should couples tell each other everything?

Partners should share every part of their lives with each other... right?

Couples tell each other everything keep secrets gossip

When two people get married, they become one.

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What's mine is yours and all those things.

It all seems pretty obvious.

But there are also some things to consider, like is sharing really caring?

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Obviously, you should not be keeping any major secrets from your partner. They are supposed to be the person you trust most in this world, and bad behaviour is generally the reason for lying to someone, so that should be avoided.

That means you should, in an ideal world, be sharing every single part of your life with your significant other.

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Now, let's talk about sharing OTHER people's confidential information with your partner.

If someone tells you a secret and they say you can't tell anyone - does that include or exclude your spouse?

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TikToker @sande_za said it best when he explained the various principles and covenants that are involved in this dynamic and how it should work:

This might sound like a reasonable compromise, but if you are the person sharing the info or the secret, how would you really feel knowing they know?

J Sbu asked KZN to speak their truth and share whether or not couples are the biggest gossipers.

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