Katlego Maboe's friend's serious claims: "She threatened him, he was the victim"

Katlego Maboe's friend's serious claims: "She threatened him, he was the victim"

One year later and Katlego's friend has decided to speak up.

Katlego Maboe's friend says Monique Muller threatened him and more

By now the Katlego Maboe cheating scandal is old news.

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Or so one would think.

It's been almost 365 days since the video, captured by his ex-wife Monique Muller, of Katlego in his robe made its way around the internet and exposed him as being a cheater.

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Now, after much time has passed and the dust has settled, one of Katlego's friends has decided to take to Twitter and speak out.

Sipeto Ganca, known on Twitter as @MximYesess, chose violence when he started the longest Twitter thread in the history of the world, where he chose to "expose" Monique and tell the truth about Katlego's situation.

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It all started with a relationship timeline, with Sipeto even stating that he was there the night Katlego had been unfaithful:

Katlego Maboe and Monique Muller's friends get into online fight

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But wait, there's more.

He goes on to address the various accusations and allegations that had been aimed at Katlego before coming to his final conclusion, that Katlego was actually the victim:

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The drama didn't stop there.

Naturally, Monique Muller's friends were ready to jump in and defend their girl:

Maybe some people could do with a lesson in staying-out-of-other-people's-business...

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