Math teacher is using Pornhub to tutor college students

Maths teacher is using Pornhub to tutor college students

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Taiwanese math teacher tutor on Pornhub
Focus Taiwan

Very few students will tell you that their favourite school subject is maths.

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Unfortunately, it has the tendency to be one of the more difficult subjects and it's just not as fun as directing some things, running around or painting.

So teachers might have to get creative in order to break through to their students and connect with them.

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While some might try to liven up the class or provide fun rewards, one Taiwanese teacher saw a gap in the tutoring market that no one else had.

Or if they have, they have stayed away from it because of how unconventional it is.

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Chang Hsu, better known as 'changhsumath666', has put himself apart from other online tutors by uploading his lessons on one of the world's most popular sites - Pornhub.

Hsu has uploaded a massive 226 videos to the site and has since become a verified Pornhub performer with 6,900 subscribers.

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He is ranked 685th on the platform and has not posted a single nude video. In fact, his videos average around 40 minutes each and feature him, fully clothed, in front of a green blackboard, where he teaches maths.

He also averages around 20,000 viewers per video and has a total of 1.9-million views on his channel. 

maths teacher changhsumath666 tutor on pornhub
Focus Taiwan

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But why Pornhub?

Chang explained his marketing strategy to Focus Taiwan.

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Chang also revealed that he used to be a tutor at a cram school in Taiwan and had been teaching the subject for 15 years, but now he makes around R4.1-million a year from the online classes he teaches on other platforms.

While we might not be popping by for one of Chang's math lessons any time soon, we can appreciate some exceptional out of the box, creative thinking, so well done, Hsu!

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