See it to believe it: The latest toenail trend makes wearing shoes a challenge

See it to believe it: The latest toenail trend makes wearing shoes a challenge

It's that time of the year where the weird and wonderful nail designs are popping up again.

Extra-long stiletto nail trend pedicure

We are constantly being bombarded by the latest fashions, technology, beauty, music, series, etc.

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Every day, every week, every year there are new hot trends we need to hop on or we won't be considered part of the cool kids club. Just when we thought scrunchies and low-rise jeans were being left in 1990, they came back with a vengeance over 30 years later.

As with everything else, the lacquered world of manicures and pedicures is also filled with styles that are constantly coming and going.

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From the classic french tips to funky tye-dye, there have been so many nail styles that have come and gone over the decades.

There have also been those that are more on the strange side like the velvet manicure or the one-long-pinky-nail manicure.

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While we could still kind of come to terms with these more unconventional designs, we have come across a nail trend that is becoming increasingly more popular every day.

Meet the extra-long toenails.

A quick disclaimer: these might make you feel a tiny bit uncomfortable.

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Here they are:

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As you can see, people are growing their toenails to unbelievable lengths or since long nails have become a trend, they are now adding longer fake nails to their existing nails.

Some pedicures are more subtle than others.

An understated pedicure:

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But at the end of the day, these are still completely shocking.

While we firmly believe in "to each their own" and you should be able to express yourself in any way you see fit, we just have one question.

And it's about the logistics of the situation.

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How are you wearing sneakers, boots, or any shoe that does not have open toes for that matter?

We might not have the answers to the comfort question but we do know that this is one kick in the shin you definitely DO NOT want to be on the receiving end of.

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