Princess Charlene's recent Instagram post raises concerns about her mental state

Princess Charlene's recent Instagram post raises concerns about her mental state

Does this post make sense or is it as strange as it seems?

Princess Charlene's latest Instagram post cause for mental state

It is no secret that Princess Charlene of Monaco has been struggling with her health over the past few months.

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She had initially travelled to South Africa to connect with her charity and spend some time with her family and friends who still reside in South Africa. 

Unfortunately, her trip took a turn or the worst when she contracted a severe ear, nose, and throat infection and was grounded in SA. She has also had surgery while here. As a result, she has not been able to return to Monaco.

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For the longest time, she was unable to see her children. After months apart, the family were reunited and they seemed happy and content.

During this period, the rumour mill started up again and tabloids, news outlets, and the social media streets were filled with headlines stating that Charlene had "run away" from her marriage.

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These rumours were shut down by her husband, Prince Albert II, and herself, but soon her health took another hit.

It was reported a few weeks ago that the Princess had collapsed and had to be rushed to a hospital in Ballito, where it was confirmed that she was stable and was released the following morning.

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But could it be that the battle she is facing with her physical health and the distance from her family is starting to take its toll on her mental health?

That's the question on everyone's mind as they stare at her latest Instagram post.

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The cryptic post has baffled her followers and the foreign media, and have them questioning whether the loneliness of her South African stay could be starting to affect on a much deeper level.

The post in question is a video that Charlene posted in honour of the 5th annual Monte-Carlo Gala For Planetary Health, which took place over the weekend.

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Prince Albert was in attendance but Charlene could not attend, for obvious reasons, so she decided to take to social media to share her well wishes.

The video reads: "Wishing the Prince Albert II of Monaco foundation and Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, for this evening’s fundraiser A successful and magical moment. With all our gratitude, HSH Princess Charlene de Monaco.”

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Seems pretty normal, but it's her caption and the image at the end of the video that has caught everyone's attention.

See the post below:

Caption: "As I was born of the Ocean so the Ocean was born of me. I present to you a piece of both."

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Apparently, this caption is a warning sign according to news outlets and fans are also asking Charlene to let them know whether she is okay.

However, our guess is she was simply referring to the tiara she is wearing in the picture, which is called the Ocean Tiara.

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She had received the tiara as a wedding gift but has never worn it for any public engagements, although she has worn it as a necklace.

So it could simply mean that she might have been planning on wearing the accessory to the gala.

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Whether it's an indication of someone's mental state, we can't say. 

And with that, it feels like now would be a good time for another reminder that Instagram doesn't always represent reality. Either way, we do hope Charlene gets well soon and she can once again be reunited with her family.

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