Doja Cat mentions Durban as she talks about Africa's hunger crisis

Doja Cat mentions Durban as she talks about Africa's hunger crisis, receives mixed reaction

The superstar rapper received a mixed reaction as she spoke about the issue.

Doja Cat mentions Durban as she talks about Africa's hunger crisis
Doja Cat Official Twitter

By now you might have seen that the annual Global Citizen Festival took place over the weekend.

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Global Citizen has been working on combating various worldwide issues such as climate change, poverty, and much more by mobilising citizens across the world into action.

In their own words:

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Every year, Global Citizen hosts a series of concerts across the globe in their 24-hour festival and this year some of the locations included Paris and New York. Previously, South Africa has even hosted Global Citizen fest with performances by the likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. 

This clearly shows you that this is not your average festival!

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For the 2021 concerts, the line-up included Doja Cat, who took the stage in Paris and blew everyone away with her incredible performance.

However, it was some of her comments after the concert that left some of her fans divided, especially her South African fans.

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In case you didn't know, Doja Cat is actually half South African, her real name is Amala Zandile Dlamini and she is the daughter of iconic South African actor Dumisani Dlamini.

So after her performance, she decided to take to Twitter to speak about poverty and more importantly the hunger crisis, an issue that is really close to her heart and that she feels very passionate about.

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She even specifically mentioned being from Durban:

But Tweeps were quick to point out that although it is good that she's using her platform to spread awareness, they did question if there isn't a little bit more she could be doing...

Others just had one thing on their mind... music:

While we love Doja, and love to see her claim and rep her proud Durbanite-ness, maybe they have a point?

Our suggestion would be a world tour with a Durban stop, of course, to gather some first-hand experience of the issues.

And maybe she'll even spend a day or two volunteering!

That being said, you never know what someone is doing behind the scenes and until we do, who are we to judge?

You can get a little teaser of what a Global Citizen fest is like by watching the opening ceremony here:

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