Prince Kaybee throws shade at Uncle Waffles' Twitter verification

Prince Kaybee throws shade at Uncle Waffles' Twitter verification

It's not the first time the blue checkmark has gotten people in their feels...

Prince Kaybee throws shade at uncle Waffles Twitter verification
Prince Kaybee Official Twitter

Receiving that blue checkmark on Instagram and Twitter is a pretty big deal.

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Not everyone is lucky enough to receive the verification status and while a lot of people think it's an easy process or you "just have to be famous", it is actually much more complicated than that.

And more often than not, anyone who applies will be denied.

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But if you are lucky enough to have that checkmark, it can open a lot of doors for you.

It's also understandable that some people truly believe they are more than deserving of the honour.

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The most recent of South Africa's stars to become Twitter verified is the viral sensation Uncle Waffles. 

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Obviously, after she popped up and grabbed everyone's attention, including the Grammy Award-winning Drake, she's been the hottest thing on social media for the last few weeks.

After her viral video blew up, her follower count skyrocketed, she has been booked and busy, and everyone has kept an eye on what she will be doing next, so a blue checkmark is the logical next step.

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However, there are a few other stars who are not too impressed that Uncle Waffles has received this verification before they have. Most notably Prince Kaybee.

The award-winning DJ and music producer reacted to the news with a salty tweet of his own:

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And he wasn't the only one who decided to make his disapproval known.

Fans of the DJ also mentioned that they thought it might be a bit unfair.

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