Man confesses to getting rid of his wife's pet cat six years ago

Man confesses to getting rid of his wife's pet cat six years ago

When your husband is an actual cat burglar...

Man confesses to getting rid of his wife's cat six years ago

The key to any successful relationship is communication.

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While many couples would agree that being honest with your partner is incredibly necessary, others would argue that sometimes a little white lie isn't the end of the world and you don't have to tell your significant other everything.

Some people might choose to share their confessions with complete strangers on the internet.

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This brings us to the Reddit thread r/TrueOffMyChest, where people can post anything they wish to get off their chest.

One of the most recent revelations came from a man who confessed to an incredible switcharoo.

The anonymous man claims that this was his deepest, darkest secret.

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He explains that six years ago, his then-girlfriend had an 'extremely aggressive' black cat that would soil everything and was constantly hissing and scratching. All of this made him really dislike the cat.

The man goes on to say that he would always joke about replacing the cat until the thought stuck in his head and he couldn't ignore it anymore.

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And so he pulled off swapping his now wife's cat with a totally different cat.

Read his elaborate scheme and how he actually managed to successfully swap the two cats below:

While his wife might be totally oblivious, many of the commentators agreed that if their spouse were to ever reveal a lie like that, it could be grounds for divorce.

We get that desperate times call for desperate measures but maybe now is the time to come clean...

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