Man uses friend's advice on how to keep a girl and her response is priceless

Man uses friend's advice on how to keep a girl and her response is priceless!

Not all advice is good advice...

Man uses friend's advice to talk to girl backfires ultimatum

Friends are meant to be there for you through the good times and the bad.

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That's why you'll go to your friends when you have a dilemma, so you can vent and possibly ask for some guidance or advice.

But dishing out advice can be a tricky thing.

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You might have the best intentions and think you are providing some expert-level advice, but when put into practice it might cause more harm than good.

On the off chance, the advice is genuinely good and the person does choose to follow it, then well done to you because there is always the possibility of it blowing up in your face.

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No one wants to be confronted with a "but you told me to" when things go wrong.

Take these two friends as a prime example.

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Twitter user @A6oki recently posted a screenshot of a chat he had with one of his friends.

Clearly, he is experiencing some lady troubles as he tells his friend that he wants his love interest to take him more seriously.

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His friend then proceeds to tell him he should give the lady an ultimatum and things should be sorted.

A6oki then went and did exactly what his friend told him to do, only problem is that the tactic completely backfired and he was stuck looking like a little bit of a fool.

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Check the post below to see what the lady in question had to say in response to his message:

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Clearly not the reaction he was expecting but it had us LOLing, hard!

This got Stacey and J Sbu thinking: what is some of the worst advice people have ever received?

Check out some of the hilarious, and traumatising, responses below:

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