Meet the 'Extreme Sisters' who share everything... including their boyfriend!

Meet the 'Extreme Sisters' who share everything... including their boyfriend!

We've always heard that sharing is caring but this might be crossing a line...

Extreme Sisters twins
Anna & Lucy/YouTube

If you're looking for guilty pleasure television then TLC is the channel for you.

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The shows are not really 'Game of Thrones' quality and tend to be more trashy than trendy but who are we trying to fool? There is always something entertaining to watch!

Their latest offering might be one of the weirdest ones yet and it features Australia's most famous identical twins.

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The US reality show is called 'Extreme Sisters' and it follows the lives of various pairs of sisters.

So it only made sense that they include Anna and Lucy DeCinque, the 35-year-old twins from Perth.

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While most twins generally enjoy spending time together and might dress alike occasionally, these two have taken it to the next level.

They dress the same every day, they eat, sleep and even shower together.

The most shocking part however is the fact that they share a boyfriend!

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Anna, Lucy and Ben Byrne, 40, have been together for nine years and they couldn't be happier. They even want to get pregnant at the same time. They would like to get married but polygamy is still banned under the Australian Marriage Act 1961 so that's not in the cards for them just yet.

If there was any doubt that they are the most identical, and most extreme, twins in the world, it was smashed when they entered a Japanese competition looking for the most identical twins and the pair won the title!

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The sisters plan on being completely open and honest on the 'Extreme Sisters' show and are super excited to "showcase their love story".

The twins have been in the public eye for some time but Ben has never been able to share his voice and this show will give him the opportunity to do that.

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The three of them still live with the twins' mother and the throuple share a kingsize bed. The sisters eat the same meal every day, measure the portion sizes to ensure that they each have the exact same size meal and they have spent an estimated $250,000 on surgical procedures in order to remain identical.

They did realise that they might have overdone it a bit and got the lip and eyebrow tattoos removed and dissolved the fillers.

You can watch the full trailer for 'Extreme Sisters' below:

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They even share an Instagram account and have a YouTube channel (with over 100,000 subscribers) where they invite viewers to follow along on their twin journey. 

We probably shouldn't have been too surprised at this point:

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While not all siblings are lucky enough to share a special bond with each other or might be as connected as other families, this might be a bit, well, extreme.

At the end of the day, if it makes them happy, then who are we to judge? They probably save a fortune on toiletries, groceries and everything else!

Want to catch up on all your favourite duo's best moments? Listen to everything #StaceyAndJSbu below:

Main image courtesy of Anna & Lucy/YouTube

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