SEE: Twitter divided over Simphiwe Dana's controversial President Ramaphosa tweet

SEE: Twitter divided over Simphiwe Dana's controversial President Ramaphosa tweet

Tweeps are losing it after discovering Simphiwe's late-night musings on social media.

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A celebrity's life is constantly being broadcast to the public and the spotlight is always cast on what they say and do.

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While it might all seem like sunshine and rainbows when they do something right or showcase behaviour the majority find appropriate, their tiniest mistake can cause massive backlash and can even lead to the highly feared result of being #cancelled.

The latest local famous face to come under fire is the massively talented Xhosa singer and songwriter, Simphiwe Dana.

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Although unlike being followed by paparazzi or having private information leaked to the public, Dana took to one of the biggest social media platforms to share her controversial take on our current President.

Twitter users awoke this morning only to discover that Dana was up late last night and she was not holding back when she decided to share her opinion on President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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She clearly knew what she was doing and had no plans on retracting her comments, or deleting her Tweet a few seconds later, as she continued on:

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But the online response has not been as linear and obvious as one might think.

While there are many people upset and offended by her comments, there are almost an equal amount of people showing her support and even agreeing with her:

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The drama does not end here.

Those who were quick to disagree with her went for the obvious clapbacks, stating that she was talentless and a terrible singer. With her many accolades and successful career as a recording artist, it is very easy for her to discredit the claims and brush them off.

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However, those who are choosing to defend the President have now revealed some very accusatory documents and have "exposed" Dana for being corrupt.

The documents, which have not been proven to be true, allegedly show that Dana has not been 100% truthful in her business dealings and accuse her of fraud:

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While none of these files can be substantiated at this point in time, this could serve as a reminder that if you take the risk and voice your potentially unpopular opinion, people will try to find any dirt they can.

No matter what your status, whether you are a household name or not, there will always be those who will try to invalidate you, and making bold statements on social media will always be a risky move.

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